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Please Donate

Get Involved, Make A Difference

Our animals depend on each of you - visitors, members, donors, volunteers and corporate sponsors - are critical for the continuation of our conservation efforts. Fossil Rim is a non-profit organization and we need your help. We have undertaken the monumental task of saving species by using our vast acreage as a breeding facility. In giving these animals a more natural environment we are paving the way to maximize their potential to propagate their species as would occur in the wild. Each time you purchase a ticket, buy a souvenir, enjoy a meal, take a tour, learn something by attending a program or spend the night on property you are supporting endangered species and our attempts to keep them alive for our great-grandchildren and beyond. We offer our heartfelt thanks for your support; you are an important part of conservation.


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There are many ways to donate to Fossil Rim, money is the obvious one, but consider donations in kind, become a volunteer or a sponsor. One of the easiest donations is a marketing donation... tell a friend!

Donate Button

Want to help Fossil Rim out by adding a Donate Button to your web site? We've made it easy for you to link directly to our donate page. Ask your webmaster to copy the code listed below and embed it on your site.

Once this code has been added to your web site, that's it, no further changes on your part are necessary. The page you are navigating to will explain ways that anyone can make a donation to Fossil Rim.

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Admission BuildingMembership helps support one of North America’s premier wildlife conservation and education facilities. Since we are non-profit, every penny spent here, goes in some way to the care of our animals. Think of a pyramid with endangered animals as the very top, animal care would be just beneath them. The rest of the employees at Fossil Rim supporting them, so they can do their jobs. But none of this would be possible without the base, the people who come here and visit the park, take the tours or become members.

We feel certain that our members become members because along with seeing the entertainment value of Fossil Rim, they also believe in what we are doing and agree with how important it is. Our employees feel the same. They work here for the admiration and respect for the animals. Have you ever heard a millionaire say, "I made my fortune in animal care, taking care of rhinos"?

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Consider becoming a volunteer. You will be providing an extremely important service. You can educate visitors about wildlife conservation issues, and increase public awareness about endangered and threatened species as part of our mission. Our volunteers and docents play an important role in getting the word out.

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