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Most educational activities must be booked at least 3 days in advance, preferably 4-6 days in advance. Camps must be booked 2 weeks in advance, preferably 2-3 months in advance. Shorter notice bookings may not be available. For information, availability and/or to make reservations please call 254.897.2960.


Our children are homeschooled, too!
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is making a conscientious effort to design and implement programs specifically for the homeschooling community. Two of our main goals are to offer programs that are as affordable as possible and as age-diverse as possible, so the whole family can be involved.

A great first event for homeschoolers to experience Fossil Rim is the calendared class + tour combination. These are set events which any homeschoolers of any number can attend. Private events may also be scheduled, which, with large groups, become wonderfully affordable! All homeschool events are offered at deeply discounted rates on Mondays and Tuesdays, and at lesser discounts on all other days.

We look forward to hearing from you and accommodating your members.

Homeschool Course Descriptions

Classes Available for “Class + Tour” Events

Learn all about this unique and amazing cat. Part of our “living classroom” will be the cheetah facility where we will watch some of the 20-30 resident cheetah from our tour van.

Animal Capture!
How do our vets capture these wild animals for treatment? How do scientists mark animals and track their movements and migration? A cool hands-on activity demonstrates how.

Vanishing Africa!
Explore the geography, wildlife and conservation issues of the exotic home to most of our species. Discover the players and the dynamic balance of a savannah ecosystem.

Creepy Crawly Critters!
Learn to recognize and understand some of the insects, spiders and snakes of Texas. Live critters present!

The Story of Red
Find cochineal (a natural insect-derived dye) in the field, learn about it and other natural dyes, tie-dye a shirt or bandana or pillow case.

Take a guided hike with a naturalist and learn about some of our native flora and fauna.

The Lorax
Reenact the original story (about conservation), digest and apply the principles for Texas!

Fossil Fun!
Learn about the kinds of fossils and how they were formed. Find some, and even keep one.

Once Upon A Tree… (Nature Journaling):
Look at samples of nature journaling and practice four nature journaling techniques. Remember to bring your nature journal and preferred art medium. Artistic proficiency not required!

Family Fun! (Taxonomy)
Examine how and why we group living things the way we do. We can go in depth on the group(s) that interest you most (ex. butterflies and beetles, trees, birds, carnivores, cats, etc.)

Wolves: Friend or Foe?
Learn all about wolves and wolf conservation and see one or more of our three species in the Intensive Management Area. Homeschoolers as young as 7 may attend.


Dissection Lab:
Want your kids to have dissection experience, but don’t want the mess on your kitchen table? Let us take care of the mess! Instruction on tools and technique included.

Conservation in Action Day!
Learn about different ways you can conserve natural resources; participate in an on-site conservation project, then take a guided tour of Fossil Rim.

Day Camps

Robin Hood Day Camp:
Based on Howard Pyle’s classic, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, this program combines elements of several shorter programs. Topics include European red deer, Discovery Table (see above), archery, poaching, Animal Capture (see above), and camouflage. Plus a guided tour of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center!

Not available for “Class + Tour” option.

African Safari Day Camp:
Learn about the geography of Africa and where our African animals come from, make a Savannah Field Guide, discuss savannah ecology, learn about cheetahs, discover the difference between grazers and browsers, and take a guided tour of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Not available for “Class + Tour” option.

General Start Times

Camps and Programs – 6 hours
Starts at 9:00am or 10:00am.

Class + Behind-the-Scenes Tour – 6 hours
Includes a tour of our Intensive Management Area. Starts at 9:00am or 10:00am.

Class + Modified Tour – 6 hours
Includes a modified tour of the park. Starts at 9:00am or 10:00am.

Class + Tour – 6 hours
Includes a full tour of the park. Starts at 9:00am or 10:00am.

Family Programs

Looking for something special to do for your family reunion, school group or church group? Schedule a private education program for your own group!

What is a cheetah? What role do they play in the ecosystem? Why are they endangered, and what can you do to help? These are all questions we will answer in our interactive cheetah program. We will even take a few minutes to discover if any of our participants can run as fast as a cheetah! Program will be held at the Eco-center, located at the Overlook. Recommended for ages 5 to adult.

Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, call 254.897.2960. Members receive a 10% discount.

Price: $30 per person

DADDiscovery After Dark
Come enjoy the evening beauty of Fossil Rim, watch the stars, and listen to the night-time sounds, as we venture out into the park at dark. We’ll start with an interactive learning experience where you can discover nocturnal animal adaptations. Then, using spotlights, we’ll go on a guided after-dark adventure that will feature both the exotic and native nocturnal wildlife at Fossil Rim and allow you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the night. Meets at the Eco Center located at the Overlook. Cost includes admission to the Scenic Wildlife Drive which can be used the day of Discovery after Dark or the morning after (before 10:00 AM).

Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, call 254.897.2960. Members receive a 10% discount.

Price: $35 per person

Fight for Survival
Have you ever wondered what Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is really all about? We are so much more than a drive-through zoo! Come to this program and discover the 5-part mission of Fossil Rim. We will specifically focus on the park’s mission of conservation of our animals. You will have the opportunity to learn about Fossil Rim’s mission and what we do to save endangered species, while also discovering how you too can save endangered species. At the conclusion of the program you will even be able to meet some of our endangered friends while on a tour of the park. Meets at the Eco Center located at the Overlook.

Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, call 254.897.2960. Members receive a 10% discount.

Price: $35 per person

fossilFossil Dig and Hike
Are there any aspiring paleontologists (fossil-hunters) in your family? Have you ever wondered why we’re called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center? After a brief introduction to fossils, so that you will know what you’re looking for, we’ll head off to one of our fossil pits and dig in! You’ll be able to keep at least a couple of the fossils you find. After the digs, we’ll take you on a guided tour through the Game Preserve, where the giraffes and zebra live, and up to Cheetah Hill. All ages welcome. Meets at the Eco Center located at the Overlook. We will be hiking to and from the fossil pit area. Please dress appropriately for weather and walking. You are welcome to bring excavation tools, such as child-size shovels and picks, as well as buckets and brushes.

Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, call 254.897.2960. Members receive a 10% discount.

Price: $35 per person

Nature Detectives
What animals have been here? Who made that track? What plant did this leaf come from? Learn to use clues from nature to solve mysteries in the great outdoors. Through this new education program, young children can begin to develop perceptual awareness of the natural world and an environmental ethic, which will hopefully someday become their foundation for positive environmental behavior. Starting with a matching game, little Detectives will have the opportunity to match plant and animal clues – such as feathers, seeds and tracks – with the mystery plant or animal that left them behind. This will help each Nature Detective learn about native plants and animals in a fun way. We’ll discuss outdoor safety, such as plants and animals to avoid and how to be a safe hiker. We’ll also go on a short hike and the Detectives will see if they can find all of the things in their Clue Books. A wonderful introduction to all the mysteries in the world around us! Recommended for ages 4-6.

Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, call 254.897.2960. Members receive a 10% discount.

Price: $10 per person

Birthday Party Safari

Want to give that special little someone a birthday party to remember? Our Birthday Party Safaris provide the perfect opportunity to make that happen! Choose two memory making activities, which are sure to bring entertainment with a touch of learning. Everyone will be immersed in a party they will never forget – Fossil Rim Safari Style!

Basic Party Safari Plan: Up to 8 children, 2 adults
Mini Tour: 3 hours of celebration
  Costs – $255 • Extra guests – $35 per person

Full Tour: 3.75 hours of celebration
  Cost – $355 • Extra guests – $50 per person


  • A Tour of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (mini or full).
  • Safari themed party decorations and tableware
  • Two Memory Making group activities*
  • Use of our air-conditioned eco-center classroom
  • Program coordinator to help with all your party needs

Memory Making Choices: *(select two)

  • Fossil Exploration: Hunt for real marine fossils and learn about what fossils are and how they are made. Each guest may keep 2 of the fossils.
  • Natural Dyes: Learn about natural dyes made from plants and insects. Use the solution to tie-dye a Fossil Rim bandana or bring your own white cotton t-shirt.
  • Animal Exploration: Learn about animal adaptations while observing our collection of biofacts – skulls, antlers and horns. Create your own animal with unique adaptations to take home.
  • Animal Encounter: Enjoy a visit from two of our animal ambassadors and discover what makes them unique.

Optional Party Add-ons:

  • Animal-themed goodie bags – $5 per guest
  • Sack Lunches – $6.50 per guest
  • Gift Certificate from Fossil Rim’s Nature Store for the Birthday Child – $10, $20, $30, etc.
  • Add a third Group Activity – $10 per person
  • Animal Cake – cheetah, wolf, or giraffe, includes serving supplies:
    • Sheet cake with animal shape in the icing – $55
    • Cake shaped into the form of an animal – $65
    • 3-Dimensional Animal Cake – $100-$125

Reservations required and are currently offered for children up to 18 years of age only – availability may be limited during peak season. Contact a reservationist at 254.897.2960 for additional information or reservations.