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Scenic Drive Admission Pricing for the Next 7 Days


Jan 30
Seniors (62 +)15% off
Children (3 - 11)$14.95
2 and UnderFREE


Jan 31
15% off


Feb 01
15% off


Feb 02
15% off


Feb 03
15% off


Feb 04
15% off


Feb 05
15% off

Animal Interaction – at Your Own Pace!

Admission CenterYour journey begins at our Admissions Center where you can purchase feed for the animals and snacks for yourself. We offer a variety of candies, crackers, trail mix and drinks for your ride. You’ll find disposable cameras, film, batteries and a small variety of souvenirs. Before your drive you’ll have to read and sign our road rules (Graphic click here for a printable/downloadable version). These rules are in place for the safety of our guests and animals. You’ll also receive an animal ID brochure which will help you identify the animals you’ll see along the tour route. You can also purchase The Animal Guide book or CD, both were created right here by Fossil Rim’s Education Department.

GraphicYou will wind along our 9½ mile Scenic Wildlife Drive, observing numerous exotic and endangered species. One of the first animals you will probably encounter is one of our female ostriches, with black buck not far behind. Once you are down in the giraffe pasture, you will see giraffe roaming on savannah-like pastures, herds of red deer, zebra, fallow deer and several species of antelope nestled into forested areas, roaming the hillsides and grazing in the valleys. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center gives you nature at its best – beautiful vistas and wildlife in large herds, living in the open!

Rest rooms are available at the front gate and at the Overlook for your convenience.

Feeding the Animals

You can purchase a bag of feed for $8.00 + tax (one bag per vehicle). No other animal food may be brought into Fossil Rim. We thank you in advance for considering the animal’s monitored diets and only feeding them their appropriate food.

Fossil Rim’s achievements in wildlife conservation, in particular the re-introduction of wildlife extinct or almost extinct in the wild, are world-renowned. You may not get a full understanding of this work on the self drive visit, but you will if you take any of our specialty guided tours, stay overnight at our lodgings facilities, receive our free monthly e-newsletter subscribe here or participate in our educational programs.

Fossil Rim offers the special experience to see, smell and even touch nature. The natural world and free roaming wildlife dominate the hilly landscape. It’s refreshing and invigorating. You’d need to visit a national park or go on a safari overseas to experience this.

You can avoid the concrete and asphalt setting and jostling on foot with the thousands of other people found at most city amusement venues. Out here the clean air and green spaciousness of Texas, Glen Rose and Fossil Rim offer something different and refreshing.

When you visit, please remember that the animals you will be viewing are wild and potentially dangerous. They are not tame or domesticated. Their instincts and behavior are wild, free and very unpredictable. You are entering their world, so please be respectful to them and their habitat by following our Graphic road rules.

Travelers Notes

  • Rain or Shine, Fossil Rim is the place to be. Come and explore nature at its finest any season of the year.
  • The animals don’t care what the weather is doing. They’re always out and about. In fact, the rhinos love to slosh around in the mud when it is raining. Keep in mind, we will put the giraffes in their yard if the forecast for the night is going to be 50 degrees or below, or if there will be any bad weather (heavy rain, hail, etc.) We may also put the giraffes in the yard for health or management reasons. Typically, we begin the process of rounding up the giraffes and herding them to their yard between 4 and 4:30pm. Any animal that needs protection from cold or severe weather will also be handled this way.
  • Any notice of closure due to inclement weather, will be on our main page. Please check there before leaving home.
  • Fossil Rim is located one hour* southwest of Fort Worth and two hours* from Dallas via US 67.Approximately three miles west of Glen Rose, turn left onto County Road 2008.
  • Halfway through the drive is a café, picnic area, gift store, children’s zoo and walking trail.
  • Guided tours and lodging must be reserved in advance/no reservations needed to drive through in your own vehicle. Call 254-897-2960 for information.

* Please Note: Travel times quoted above are average, and may take longer due to traffic or weather conditions.


  • No Pets Allowed!
  • No motorcycles allowed for safety of visitor.
  • No Trailers.
  • No RV's over 25 ft. or motor coaches over 40 ft.
  • We require solid barriers between the animals and guests (see "Road Rules" for more information)
    • All vehicles entering the Scenic Wildlife Drive must have solid (not soft side) doors.
    • Trucks must have tailgates in the up position if people will be sitting in the truck bed.
    • Van sliding doors must remain closed at all times.
    • Convertibles with top down are permitted.

Fossil Rim Is Closed On:

Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center accepts all major credit cards.