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Q1. There's a small blue box at the top of the page, what does that mean?

A. It means you do not have Adobe Flash installed in your browser. This site requires the latest version
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    Follow their instructions for installation.

Q2. How do I get in touch with the webmaster of this site?

A. The best way to get in touch with the webmaster of this site is via this email form. Please notify
     them as soon as you can with your concerns, suggestions, to point out incorrect copy or to just ask
     for more information.

Q3. Your site looks incomplete, parts of the site aren't loading, what's wrong?

A. The problem is probably the version of the browser you are using. has been tested
    and is compatible with the following browsers, versions and platforms.

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Q1. We have booked a tour and wonder what you do if we get there and a heavy rain starts,
       do you refund our money or delay the tour?

A. We ask that you make the decision the day before based on the weather forecast as to whether you
    want to take a chance or re-schedule your tour. If you decide to chance it, we do have a top on the
    touring vehicles and ponchos for you to use. If it's storming, lightning and dangerous, we won't go
    out and any money paid for the tour will be refunded.

Q2. What is the largest size bus your tour route can accommodate?

A. The maximum vehicle length is 40 ft.

Q3. Is there enough animal activity in late February to warrant a photography session visit?

A. Yes, animal activity is good year-round, especially when it's cooler. You can either book a private
    tour that is good for photography or check out one of our scheduled photo tour opportunities on our
    web site. You are welcome to photograph from inside your own vehicle while taking the Scenic Drive,
    but you must stay inside at all times with the doors closed for safety.

Q4. We are on the way and will be a few minutes late will they hold the gate open for us?

A. We must strictly enforce the closing time for our facility so please allow plenty of time to get here.
    Driving times that you see on our site are average times, and do not account for traffic or weather     conditions.

Q5. Is it rainy down there?

A. Weather can be unpredictable at best. It can be raining in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and completely
    dry down here (or visa versa). It is advised to check conditions before coming, but rain is not
    necessarily a bad thing. Some animals are more active and visible during the rain.

Q6. Is there anything there to entertain the children except the animals?

A. At our Admissions Center we have a picnic area, koi pond, and a short trail that goes back closer to
    the largest rhino pasture. Once you arrive at the Overlook you will find a café selling some pretty
    tasty items, a Nature Store, the Children’s Animal Center where they may see tortoises and several
    species of birds as well as brush some of our goats. Keep looking and you will find a short Nature
    Trail and more to explore.

Q7. Are there coupons or discounts available?

A. Yes, we do offer discounts and only one discount is allowed at a time. Click here to see or
    discounts and when they are valid.

Q8. Do you have group rates available?

A. We do offer group rates on the Tours if you have a minimum of 10 people in your group. If you do,
    you qualify and must make a group reservation to take advantage of the lowered rates. We ask that
    one person collect the money for the entire group and pay with one transaction upon arrival. See our
    Groups page for an explanation of groups and links to rates.

Q1. What size groups does your Wolf Ridge Camp accommodate?

A. We are limited to a maximum of 80 guests due to bunkhouse constraints.

Q2. Does Fossil Rim have RV facilities?

A. We do not have any RV facilities at this time, however, you will find several within about ten
    minutes of our front gate.

Q3. Can we bring our own food and use the cooking facilities at the Lodge?

A. The Lodge does not offer cooking facilities, but you do have access to a microwave.

Q4. If we rent the entire lodge, except for one room, can we use all of the common areas?

A. The common areas are for use by any of our Lodge guests.

Q5. Can we walk from the Lodge to Safari Camp?

A. No, this is not permitted as it is a three-quarter mile journey that goes through one of our larger
    animal pastures.

Q6. Is there a discount for renting entire lodge and/or safari camp?

A. No, each room is rented out on a Bed-and-Breakfast basis.

Q7. Do the animals roam in safari camp area?

A. No, both the Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp have a two-acre fence around the area.

Q8. Can the dining pavilion be used for a gathering place?

A. Yes, as long as it is not rented out at the time.

Q9. Is the Lodge/Safari Camp handicap accessible?

A. The Lodge was our former owner's former home and was not designed with ADA in mind. There
    are steep, narrow stairs between the first and second floors and the second and third floors. There
    are also about a dozen steps to get into the front of the building. However, the Attwater Room has
    parking access just next to it with only a couple of steps to navigate.

    The Foothills Safari Camp was built before ADA guidelines were applicable and, therefore, not
    really accommodating to handicapped individuals.

Q10. Are campfires allowed?

A. We do not allow campfires at either the Lodge or Safari Camp as they are within one of our animal
    pastures and escaping sparks could become disastrous.

Q11. Which lodging option is most appropriate for children?

A. The Foothills Safari Camp offers children more freedom and they seem to really like the idea of
    'camping' in our 'tents'.

Q12. Is admission included in Wolf Ridge Camp bunkhouse rental?

A. Neither admission nor breakfast is included with your Wolf Ridge Camp bunkhouse rental. However
    breakfast and admission are included in our Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp rentals.

Q13. What is included in the overnight package?

A. All Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp room rentals come with a complimentary drive through our park
    in your own vehicles as well as a big, wonderful breakfast buffet the next morning.

Q14. When is dinner offered?

A. Dinner is served at 6:30 pm.

Q15. Are there TV's in the rooms/tents?

A. There are no TV's in the rooms or tents; however you will find a big screen TV in the common area
    on the bottom floor of the Lodge.

Q16. What is there to do at night to entertain kids?

A. Stars, millions of them. If you are not use to a night sky far from city lights, you'll see more stars
    than you've probably ever seen before.

Q17. Where are meals served?

A. All meals are served in the Pavilion at the Foothills Safari Camp.

Q18. Where can I go for dinner on the evenings when dinner is not served on site?

A. Town is only about 10 minutes away and your host can give you a number of ideas on what is
    available. You may also want to check out our local links page for dining options.

Q19. Is entering or leaving the Lodge/Foothills Safari Camp restricted to certain hours?

A. No, you can come and go as you please. But we ask that you respect quiet time between
    10:00pm and 6:00am.

Q1. Do you take credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept amex logo  Discover logo  MasterCard logo  VISA logo

Q2. How long does the Scenic Drive take?

A. It depends largely on the day and time of year, but two to four hours is usually enough time.

Q3. Are pets allowed on the driving tour, if they remain in the vehicle and/or are leashed?

A. We're sorry, but our governing agencies (USDA and AZA) do not allow us to let pets in the park.

    There are some vets in town who can board your pet:
       Dr. Mike Jones – 254.897.4339
       Dr. Rocky Terry – 254.897.7846

Q4. Is there a place where we can eat a box lunch?

A. We do have picnic tables at our Overlook area near the Café and gift shop and more near the
    Children’s Animal Center. There are also a few picnic tables near the Admissions Center in our
    Wildlife Walk.

Q5. Can we drive through the park in a convertible with the top down?

A. Yes, you may. We do require that a solid barrier be between you and the approaching animals
    though, so please keep all doors closed at all times.

Q6. Can we have a cooking fire at the Overlook?

A. We are sorry, but the answer is no. Cooking fires are not permitted at the Overlook.

Q7. Is it rainy down there?

A. Weather can be unpredictable at best. It can be raining in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and completely
    dry down here (or visa versa). It is advised to check conditions before coming, but rain is not
    necessarily a bad thing. Some animals are more active and visible during the rain.

Q8. Is there anything there to entertain the children except the animals?

A. At our Admissions Center we have a picnic area, koi pond, and a short trail that goes back closer to
    the largest rhino pasture. Once you arrive at the Overlook you will find a café selling some pretty
    tasty items, a Nature Store, the Children’s Animal Center where they may see tortoises and several
    species of birds as well as brush some of our goats. Keep looking and you will find a short Nature
    Trail and more to explore.

Q9. Are there coupons or discounts available?

A. Yes, we do offer discounts and only one discount is allowed at a time.Click here.

Q10. Are the animals out? Are they out in the rain (sleet, snow etc.)? What time of day are
         the animals out?

A. Our animals live on ~1,700 acres that is divided into different pastures. On our Scenic Wildlife Drive
    you wind through four of these pastures and that is where the majority of our animals are. The
    animals really don’t mind the weather as they are built to live in the great outdoors. Earlier in the
    morning or later in the day will be better opportunities to see more animals because of migration
    habits. In the summer, the morning is better when it’s somewhat cooler. In winter, any time of
    day should be fine. Please be advised that the only animals we ever put up in the barns are the
    giraffe and rhino and that’s only when the temperature is cold enough to be uncomfortable
    for them. The other animals stay out at all times.

Q11. Can we pet the zebra, cheetahs, giraffes, etc?

A. The animals that live at Fossil Rim are wild animals and petting them is NEVER a good idea, and it is
    not permitted. To get better pictures or closer looks at them you may purchase food to drop on the
    ground and lure them closer to your vehicle.

Q12. We came when it was hot and didn’t see any animals, can we get our money back?

A. We do not give refunds, but do suggest that you take your time and keep looking under the trees
    and into the woods as you drive. Especially if it is hot the animals may be seeking the cooling shade;
    after all, they wear their fur coats year ‘round.

Q13. Can we bring our own animal food?

A. Due to stringent, monitored diets of our animals we require that no food other than that purchased
    at the front gate be fed to the animals. We reserve the right to escort guests out of the park if
    they are found to be in disregard of our policies.

Q14. My son is allergic to peanuts; is there any peanut product in the food for the animals?

A. No, there is not. The food consists of grains and grasses fortified with vitamins and minerals and held
    together with a molasses mixture.

Q1. Where is the nearest town?

A. Glen Rose, Texas, which is about five miles from our front gate.

Q2. Are the restaurants in Glen Rose open on Sundays?

A. Yes, you have a variety of places from which to choose. You may always visit our Café at the
    Overlook for a tasty sandwich or salad or try to search for
    other offerings. You might want to call first as the listings may not be up to date.

Q1. Can you take in animals that are injured, abandoned, etc?

A. No. Due to the restrictions of our governing agencies we cannot do that.

Q2. Can your vet staff give me medical advice regarding injured animals?

A. It would be best if you contacted your local vet to get this information.

Q3. Who do I contact to request donations?

A. Call our main number at 254.897.2960 and ask for our Marketing director.

Q1. How do I sign up for a homeschool event listed on the Fossil Rim Calendar?

A. We host two different types of events for homeschoolers out here at Fossil Rim. First of all, we have
    about two events per month that are advertised on our web site and various other places. These
    events are open to any homeschoolers who call 254.897.2960 and register. You do not have to be
    a member of a particular homeschool group to sign up for one of these events.

Q2. Can I schedule a private event on another day for my own homeschool group?

A. The second type of event does not show up on our calendar or advertising. If you want to bring
    your homeschool group to an event at Fossil Rim, we can plan a day just for your group. There is
    a list of classes to choose from (there is even one day camp with a Robin Hood theme), and for
    these "private" homeschool group events only, the price is based on a sliding scale. The
    more participants you bring, the lower your cost per person!

    To plan an event for your homeschool group, call the Homeschool coordinator at 254.897.2960.
    She'll be happy to help you coordinate that event.

Q3. Why do I have to make reservations?

A. In planning for a homeschooling event, we need to know how many people will be attending. This
    determines the cost of materials that need to be purchased, how many vehicles must be reserved,
    and helps us plan not just for your event, but also for others that may be taking place out here at
    the same time. We do not want to be short of materials, vehicles or personnel. Many of the people
    who help with programs out here are volunteers, and we try to be courteous of their time by
    careful planning.

    Also, only by calling and making reservations will you know if there is room for your family to attend
    that particular event that day. Some of our homeschool events are very popular and they tend to
    sell out quickly!

Q4. Do you really know what homeschoolers want?

A. When Fossil Rim started this homeschool program in 2006, the first thing they did was hire a
    homeschooler to be their Homeschool Coordinator. She has been homeschooling (and
    continues to homeschool) for over 13 years. Her oldest 2 have graduated and gone on to
    college. She's looking forward to a few more years of homeschooling her youngest, though!
    Before coming to work at Fossil Rim, she spent many, many years on the board of a large
    homeschooling group in the DFW metroplex. She was curriculum coordinator for several
    years, then newsletter editor for several, and, finally, youth coordinator for a short time.
    She also ran a supplemental school for homeschoolers out of her own home, and coordinated
    science co-ops and other activities. She may not know EVERYTHING homeschoolers
    want, but she's been a part of this special community, this special way of life, for a long time.
    She understands homeschooling and all that that term means to you, because she IS a
    homeschooler, too!

Q5. Do you teach evolution?

A. The short answer is no. We realized that we cannot teach evolution, since so many homeschoolers
    find it offensive. Therefore, we do not teach evolution in our homeschool programs.

    However, we are a non-profit, 501c(3) corporation. Because it would jeopardize our non-profit
    status, we also do not teach from a biblical world view.

    We concentrate on the main idea in which creationists and evolutionists agree. That common
    ground is the idea of stewardship. So, it is from that viewpoint that our homeschool programs
    are taught. We focus on the idea of conserving what exists, not on how what exists came to be.

    It has always seemed to us to be so fitting, that the homeschool program must be based on
    stewardship or conservation, because that is what Fossil Rim itself is all about.

Q6. What do I need to bring with me?

A. A few days before your scheduled event, we will send you a confirmation letter that includes last
    minute instructions and directions to whichever building you are to meet at here at Fossil Rim.

    If a particular class requires that you bring materials with you, you will be notified of that.

    You will also need to fill out 1 copy of the liability/photo release form, which you may download by
    clicking here.

    Generally, however, you want to come prepared for being outdoors in changeable weather. Do not
    wear open-toed shoes or heels. Our ground here is rough and rocky, and we are in the country.
    Bring plenty of water. Also, bring raincoats if you have them. Our vehicles are open. They have
    canvas tops, which provide a little protection from rain, but you will still get somewhat wet if we
    do get rain.

Q7. Will my class/event be cancelled due to weather?

A. If, because of weather conditions, or not enough participation, Fossil Rim makes the decision to
    cancel a homeschool event, you will be notified 48 hours in advance whenever possible, and your
    money will be refunded. Generally, what is considered "bad weather conditions" is going to be
    based on the type of event we are having. If we are doing a fossil dig, for example, and it is
    pouring rain that day, then we are going to have to cancel because our vehicles cannot maneuver
    that muddy ground.

    If we are doing an indoor class, however, it will not be cancelled because of inclement weather.
    And we generally do not cancel tours. We do tours out here 362 days a year, in all kinds of
    weather, and all kinds of temperatures. The animals are wearing weather-proof coats, so they
    are active in all kinds of weather!

    Severe ice will probably be the only thing that will cause an event to cancel.

Q8. Can I cancel my attendance at an event?

A. If you find you are unable to attend a homeschool event for which you have signed up, you must
    notify us 48 hours in advance of the event in order to receive a refund.

Q9. What else is there to do in Glen Rose?

A. See our Local Links page for attractions and events in and around the Glen Rose area.

    Shopping at the square in Glen Rose is a real treat, too!

Q10. How do I get there?

A. See our Directions Page.